Embroidered Napkins all at one time in the hoop!!!

Christmas is a great time to surge or sew napkins.  Many people are now going green, and everyone eats and hopefully wipes their mouths.  So, embroider 4 napkins at once. Hoop wash away stabilizer, like our brand – Sew n Wash, fusible.   Hoop your stabilizer in your 8×8 hoop if you have one, if not you can still do 2 at a time.  Mark the center of your hoop crosswise in your 8×8 hoop, now if you have a Quattro or Ellisimo machine, use your camera and scan your stabilizer with the drawn lines.  Put your napkins in the 4 areas and embroider away.  Don’t forget to turn off your thread color change, if you want all of it the same color.

If you have a smaller hoop, draw a line catty-corner in your hoop.  Place your 2 napkins on top of your stabilizer and iron them.  Put in the initial or design and do the first one, then move the design and retrace the area, sew out the second design. Repeat for all your napkins.

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